Fire Pump Controllers



When it comes to life safety, there’s no room for error. In order to save lives and protect property, it’s critical that fire protection equipment work quickly and reliably each and every time. And at the center of every fire protection system is the fire pump controller, which monitors and initiates water flow to the pump driver. 

And when some of the most prestigious buildings in the world need superior fire safety equipment, they turn to Joslyn Clark. The Petronas towers in Malaysia, 88 story skyscrapers that for a time were the tallest buildings in the world, have 48 Joslyn Clark fire pump controllers installed throughout for maximum protection. 

Joslyn Clark offers electric fire pump controllers that range in voltage up to 7.2 kV, with horsepower from 5 through 2300 HP. Controller types include across the line, solid state soft start, part winding and wye-delta. Diesel engine controllers and jockey pump controllers are also available.

Available in both diesel and electric models, all of our products are designed and listed specifically for fire pump service, and meet or exceed all requirements of the National Fire Protection Association Standard (NFPA 20, IEC62091).

Recommended Solutions

  • medium voltage firepump

    Electric Fire Pump Controllers

    Joslyn Clark's electric fire pump controller products are compact but still boast more horsepower per cubic inch than any other electric fire pump controller on the market. Our flagship electric fire pump controller line is the new ProGuard series. 

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  • Jockey Pump

    Jockey Fire Pump Controllers

    JM Jockey Pump Controllers are Across-the-Line Type Combination Starters.  Utilizing an IEC, 50K AIC rated Contactor and a Motor Circuit Protector with Adjustable Overcurrent Trip Range, the JM Series Jockey Controller provides great flexibility and excellent value for your controller investment.  All Standard units are provided with Built-in 0-290 Pressure Switch, H-O-A Selector switch, and Class 2 Control Power Transformer.

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  • Med Voltage Controller and Feeder

    Medium Voltage Controllers

    Joslyn Clark's line of medium voltage starters and medium voltage motor control products incorporate many safety and efficiency features that produce a compact, effective medium voltage motor control. 

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