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What is Inventory Management?

What is Inventory Management?

The financial and safety liability of physically collecting inventory data, lead to the development of remote inventory management. Remote inventory management brings critical inventory information to the fingertips of personnel. Data is more secure, reliable, and up-to-date with remote inventory management.

When it comes to a company's most valuable assets, inventory is close to the top of the list. Industries such as manufacturing, food and beverage, and grain mills rely on inventory. Conquering inventory management is imperative to their over-all success.

Inventory management begins with knowing how much of each item is being stored in a facility. However, managing inventory also involves tracking inventory location, delivery routines, and shortages. As you can imagine, monitoring this amount of data on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis is tough. Gathering inventory data is time consuming, hazardous, unreliable, and thus very costly.

Most remote inventory management systems are cloud- based and operate through software for real-time visibility to inventory. Through this technology, inventory levels and usage, consumption rates, and other operational information is available on site or on-the-go. Also, remote inventory management helps prevent unnecessary costs such as off-hour and weekend deliveries, haul- backs, outages, and more.

In the age of mobility, remote inventory management is the solution to accuracy, optimization, and confidence. It is designed to eliminate unnecessary stress and guess work out of inventory management. With growing facilities, multiple locations, and scattered delivery schedules, proactive inventory management can be nonexistent. Winning inventory battles is what remote inventory management is all about.

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