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Specialty Product Technologies (SPT) is a group of core technology companies based in Elizabethtown, NC. SPT designs, manufactures and markets innovative products, services and technologies to the industrial automation marketplace.

The Specialty product Technologies Story

Specialty Product Technologies (SPT) has grown to be a global leader as a core technology company comprised of several strong brands. SPT designs, manufactures, and markets innovative products, services, and technologies to deliver manufacturing/operational efficiencies, cost-effective solutions, and high-quality products demanded by today’s industrial automation marketplace.

Every SPT brand has earned a “best in class” reputation and has been built on a solid foundation of achievement over a long period of time with proven reliability in the most rigorous and demanding applications. Each brand is considered essential components in the markets and applications they serve.

Founded in 1901 as the Veeder Manufacturing Company, the company joined the Danaher portfolio in 1986 and has continued to grow. Today under the Fortive Corporation, the SPT brands encompass the solid brands of Eagle Signal, Joslyn Clark, Namco Controls, Superior Electric, Thomson Nyliner, and Veeder-Root. SPT brands can be found in a wide variety of applications and industries.

We employ the Fortive Business System to drive continuous improvement activities across all SPT entities delivering improvements in quality, delivery and cost though lean manufacturing principles and sustained process improvement. Specialty Product Technologies is based in Elizabethtown, NC and an additional facilities in Plainville, CT and Spartanburg, SC with sales and support offices worldwide.

Specialty Product Technologies Brands

Eagle Signal timers enable industrial applications to run smoothly by delivering accurate, reliable results every time, ensuring that there’s never a breakdown in machine operations. Eagle Signal is the most trusted manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical timers for rugged and reliable production or run time monitoring of industrial manufacturing.

Joslyn Clark, the world leader in vacuum contactors, starters and controllers, is dedicated to continually raising the bar for industry standards of in life safety. Dating back to the 1920’s, Joslyn Clark products are used in some of the most extreme industrial environments in the world, including oil & gas, mining, cement, utilities, water pumping and mills.

Namco Controls manufactures products you can count on for when failure is not an option, including the nuclear power industry. Founded in 1937 when the heavy industrial control sensor industry was still in its infancy. Namco is the number one source for limit switches for use in Nuclear Power Plants qualified to NRC requirements, with installations around the world.

Superior Electric has been and continues to be a leading manufacturer of voltage and power control and conditioning equipment since 1937. When you need high-quality, high-reliability voltage or power control and conditioning products, don’t make concessions. Superior Electric is your choice.

Thomson Nyliner polymer bearings and fasteners are manufactured to a high degree of precision and incorporate many technological innovations that set us apart from the competition since 1954. specifically designed to reduce friction, isolate noise, dampen vibration, resist corrosion and lower operating costs for a range of industrial uses.

Veeder-Root, the world's best-known name in counters, offer a range of electronic, mechanical, and electromechanical counters to meet an array of industrial and commercial counting applications for over 200 years. From winding to spooling, position display to flow rate, when an application calls for accuracy and reliability, the world chooses Veeder-Root.