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The purpose of this manual is to communicate expectations to our suppliers and the core set of tools, processes and systems that are to be used in the manufacture, design and development of parts, products and services supplied to SPT. SPT believes that the implementation of this manual will assist our suppliers in the development of their business and manufacturing processes, contributing to mutually enhance future competitiveness and success. In this manual, the terms ‘shall’ and ‘must’ mean that the described requirement is mandatory, while the term ‘should’ means that the described requirement is needed and expected with some flexibility in how it can be completed.

At the Fortive Corporation, we are committed to a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business, to ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations, to the respect of the rights of all individuals, and to respect for the environment. We expect the suppliers (as well as permitted subcontractors) who do business with Fortive’s subsidiaries, and with Fortive, if applicable, to share these same commitments. Fortive and its subsidiaries strongly encourage each Supplier to meet the following standards in all activities that relate directly or indirectly to Fortive Corporation or any of its subsidiaries. We will evaluate a Supplier’s compliance with these standards in determining whether to grant or continue preferred status for such Supplier. Suppliers that do not conform to these standards may be disqualified from preferred status and/or have their business relationship with Fortive or theapplicable Fortive subsidiary terminated.