Finding the Right Silo Type

There are many different types of silos that are used to store bulk inventory. It is important to know exactly what type of silo you are working with, which material it is made from, and what type of support it has. To ensure that measurement devices work properly and accurately they must be installed correctly and on the right type of storage bin. Refer to the tables below to learn more about types of silos and silo supports.

Name of Silo

Description of Silo

Material Silo is Made of

Flat Bottom Silo

  • Stores bulk materials in large volume
  • Sits flat on a concrete foundation
  • Long-term storage.


Hopper Bottom Silo


  • Has a cone shaped bottom and sit on top of supports.
  • Unloads by gravity through the bottom of the silo


Smooth Wall Silo


  • Can be welded tank or bolted tank type of construction
  • Can have a hopper bottom or skirted bottom
  • No interior welding seams (smooth)


Stainless Steel

Corrugated Steel Silo


  • Rippled Steel Sheets on the exterior
  • Portable: Easy to assemble and transport
  • Has a cone shaped bottom
  • Widely used for grain storage


Stainless Steel

Bolted and Welded Steel Silo

  • Bolted Silos are shipped in several parts and put together on site
  • Welded Silos are shipped as one piece, but are limited in size
  • Both liquid and dry bulk storage silo


Stainless Steel

Elevated Silo


  • For both small grain storage and large commercial operations


Tower Silo


  • Tall and circular
  • Dome shaped roof

Cement/ Steel

Skirted Silo

  • Has no legs
  • Cone shaped bottom
  • Storage for solid bulk material

Steel/ Stainless Steel