Continuous Level Measurement


Cap-Level® II & Cap-Level® IIA are designed for level monitoring and control. The 4-20mA output provides a selectable dampening function to stabilize readings where severe agitation is present. Simple zero and span adjustment make calibration easy. The relay logic circuitry offers the flexibility to control multiple pumps, conveyors and alarms. Each relay can be set to turn your equipment on and off at any selected point on the probe - without any external latching devices. Failsafe selection gives the security of fault indication and/or conveyor stop if power is lost. The probe configurations and materials offered allow you to custom fit Cap-Level® II to your application. Designs such as the type “E” and type “H” tie-down, allow use in tall silos and include a unique cable adjustments.

Capacitance probe with a 4-20mA Output

Cap Level offers continuous level measurement with features like selectable dampening for stability where severe agitation is present and span adjustments to make calibration easier.

Optional 1 or 2 relays

Select the relay option and turn pumps or other devices on and off at selected points.

Technology: Capacitance
Applications: Measures bulk solids or liquids


  • Operating Power: Cap Level II: 120 VAC, 240 VAC; Cap Level IIA: 15-32 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 8 Watts
  • Operating Temperature: -40º to 160º F (-40º to 71º C)
  • Hysteresis: 2.5% of span min, 100% max
  • Analog Output: 4-20mA into 400 Ohms max
  • Relay Output: SPDT, 3 amps @ 120 VAC
  • Accuracy: 1% FS with Constant Dielectric
  • Analog: course and fine zero/span, non-interacting relays: hi, low setpoints and hysteresis set as % of span

Probe Options

Probes can be made out of Teflon, PVC or 316 Stainless Steel and can be adjusted to specific lengths that suit the application; a cable version is also available for distances up to 100 ft (30 m).

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