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Modern industrial applications involve complex machines, filled with innumerable highly synchronized moving parts. A slight error in the coordination of these processes could result in a serious loss for the manufacturer, either through damage to materials, machinery, or loss of time. Eagle Signal timers enables industrial applications to run smoothly by delivering accurate, reliable results every time, ensuring that there’s never a breakdown in machine operations.

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HP5 Cycl-Flex Reset Electronic Timers
HP5 CYCL-FLEX Reset Timers The HP5 CYCL-FLEX® series timer is a high quality, synchronous motor driven reset timer housed in the standard CYCL-FLEX® plug-in housing. 

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HQ9 Percentage Electronic Timers
HQ9 CYCL-FLEX Percentage Timers The HQ9 offers accurate, efficient control for many industrial applications.  These include motion control, electric heaters, ovens, program temperature controls, chemical feeding, and lubrication systems. Shop Series →
B506 High Performance LED Timer
B506 Programmable Timers Designed as the "best" fit timer for most applications, the B506 family is divided into 3 separate base models.  The standard unit offers a wide range of field selectable operating modes and time ranges as well as a host of other convenient features.  The high performance model is a good choice when advanced functions such as dual setpoints and 1 millisecond resolution are required.  The repeat cycle model provides a variety of benefits specifically tailored for cyclical operations. Shop Series →
B856 Multi-Function Timer
B856 Multi-Function Timers The B856 features a compact 1/16 DIN package, precise digital setting, versatile functionality, and a straightforward button-per-digit interface. It can be easily programmed to perform any standard timing operation: On-Delay, Off-Delay, Interval, or Repeat Cycle.  A unique On-Delay/ Interval Mode can, in many cases, perform the function of two separate timers. Shop Series →
CX200 Microprocessor Preset Timer-Counter
CX Series CYCL-FLEX Timer/Counters The CX200 is a microprocessor based timer/counter housed in a standard 15 terminal CYCL-FLEX® plug-in case. Time or count operation, time range, and standard or reverse start operation is selected by 7 miniature rocker switches located inside the unit housing.  Shop Series →

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Danaher Specialty Products Becomes Specialty Product Technologies

Aug 12, 2016, 10:28 AM by User Not Found

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our name from Danaher Specialty Products to Specialty Product Technologies. This change is effective today but does not impact our legal entity name which remains unchanged as Dynapar Inc. Specialty Product Technologies will continue to operate as one company going to market with many brands including, Veeder-Root, Eagle Signal, Joslyn Clark, Namco, Superior Electric and Thomson.

As part of our name change we have launched a new website, This new site has increased functionality and is a mobile friendly site. The website is brand, application and product focused to better support your needs.

We are also changing our email addresses in conjunction with the name change. Our new email addresses will be in the format of [email protected] Our current email addresses will continue to work for the rest of 2016, but please watch for email notifications from our team and use these prompts to update your contacts and any systems that may contain our email addresses.

Customer Service for all brands can be reached at [email protected] Superior Electric will retain their current customer service address as [email protected]

We are excited by the changes and appreciate any feedback you may have on the new website.

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