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Eagle Signal & Veeder-Root

The Eagle Signal brand has a 70+ year history and developed the industry-standard CYCL-FLEX® housing. This form factor which enables the replacement of the installed timer (or a swap of a range of alternative timing and counting products many of which are shown in these pages) without any rewiring or modification of the panel. The panel doesn’t even need to be opened.

Upon the acquisition of the Eagle Signal Controls business in the 1990’s, all manufacturing operations were consolidated into the Elizabethtown, NC facility. This product line has a history of innovation from motor operated models to electro-mechanical timers to electronic products with membrane keypads to 1/16 DIN products to programmable models and custom products.

Veeder-Root is built upon the heritage of the invention of the Cyclometer in 1895 which was used to count distance traveled on bicycles. Many companies have been spun off from the Veeder-Root company over the years.

The Veeder-Root business based in Elizabethtown, NC in the plant built in 1966. The business has a high level of vertical integration with nearly all components manufactured in house including the molding of counting wheels and pinions, hot stamping of markings and decoration of molded parts, the machining of shafts, housings and tie rods plus CNC capabilities. Veeder-Root delivers superior product performance with decades of experience in the design and manufacture of counter assemblies and electronic products.

Both of these businesses sustain their competitive advantage through the vertical integration and innovation described above as well as through:
• Our internal design, sustainment and manufacturing engineering departments which are key components of our risk mitigation. Our team can get ahead of any potential manufacture issues to ensure that the product is of excellent craftsmanship and quality.
• We also ensure consistency and quality through our ISO-9001 compliant Quality Management System and business practices that assure we deliver world class products and customer service.