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Namco is made for Heavy Duty Situations

Made For Heavy Duty Applications

NAMCO grew from the heavy duty side of the industrial world. For decades, SNAP-LOCK® Limit Switches have been the benchmark in reliability for steel mills, auto factories, foundries, power plants and machine shops.

In 1953, the need for a limit switch of high quality, repeatability and reliability was pressing — but one didn’t exist. NAMCO was created to step in and fill the gap! Innovative and reliable from the beginning, they were eagerly sought after by other companies and we branched out into supplying the demand. Everything that made NAMCO SNAP-LOCK® Limit Switches the preference of the heavy and machine tool industries of the past is still applicable today. Times may have changed, but our reputation for reliability has not.

Today, NAMCO still provides unparalleled reliability in the toughest environments and in heavy duty applications. They have the ruggedness to operate under the most severe conditions and have the durability needed for a long, trouble-free lifespan.

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Namco Heavy Duty | Hazardous Location, Marine, Severe Environment

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