Liquid Flow Meters


Liquid Flow Methods

  • Positive Displacement

    Positive displacement (PD) flow meters measure the volumetric flow rate of a moving fluid by dividing the media into fixed, metered volumes (finite increments or volumes of the fluid). These devices consist of a chamber(s) that obstructs the media flow and a rotating or reciprocating mechanism that allows the passage of fixed-volume amounts. The number of parcels that pass through the chamber determines the media volume. The rate of revolution or reciprocation determines the flow rate.

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  • Inferential

    Measures flow by inferring the flow through a pipe from some physical property of the flow stream, such as, differential pressure; orifice plates; flow nozzles; venturi tubes or variable area rotameters. A differential pressure drop device creates a pressure drop an obstruction in the flow.

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  • Velocity

    Measures flow by measuring the velocity and multiplying it by the flow area.

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  • Open Channel

    Measures flow by measuring the height of the fluid as it passes over an obstruction in an open channel. Open channels may include flumes, a specially shaped open channel flow section with an area or slope that is different from that of the channel and weirs, a dam built across an area that the liquid flows over. Each type and structure will have an associated equation for determining the flow rate.

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