Inferential Flow Meters

ForceMeter™ Target Meter

Standardize Flowmeter Equipment

Flow in the ForceMeter™ target meter is measured in terms of dynamic force acting on a target (solid disk) in the flow stream which is translated into an electrical output proportional to flow.

  • Turndown Options: A higher turndown ratio allows for lower flow rates to be measured; being able to measure lower flow rates means longer durations and additional flow rates can be measured
    • 2-wire: 15:1
    • 3-wire: 20:1
  • Can be inserted or removed without shutting off the line
  • Displays the flow rate 0 to full range of flow in less than a second or dampening can be applied
  • Field calibration check of the flow meter, from the sensing element to the transmitter without the need of a flow test stand

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