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Unmatched Reputation for Excellence

When you need high-quality, high-reliability voltage or power control and conditioning products, don’t make concessions. Superior Electric is your choice. Our products and engineered solutions are among the finest in the world. Superior Electric POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers are used across six continents in millions of installations, while our STABILINE® voltage regulators, surge protective devices, and power conditioners continue to be the industry standard for users.

Since 1938, Superior Electric has been and continues to be a leading manufacturer of voltage and power control and conditioning equipment. By carefully dividing our efforts between developing and producing superior products, and ensuring incredible customer care and support, we’ve managed to become market leaders that other manufacturers emulate. There’s no greater compliment than when our customers describe our products as “top of the line.”

Our product offerings generally fall within two main categories: voltage and power control components and power quality and reliability solutions. Voltage and power control components are the hardware that enable other technologies to shine, and in some cases, literally. Our solutions capabilities are comprised of working directly with customers to help design and configure products that will meet their individual variable power, voltage regulation, conditioned power, and surge protection requirements.

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