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Power Problems and Their Impact on Machine Performance (Infographic)

Power Problems Infographic 2
Learn about the common types of line power problems including voltage sags, surges, impulses and more and their quantified impact on machine performance.

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Voltage Regulation Technology Comparison

Variable Transformer Families
Voltage regulators help control fluctuating voltages for critical machinery and equipment. Learn the differences and when to use each type of technology here.

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How Variable Transformers Reduce Harmonic Distortion

Volt-Pac Motorized Variable Transformer

Harmonic distortion from the input source can cause damage and disturbance in critical power applications. Learn how variable transformers can eliminate harmonic distortion here.

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Top 5 Features of Automatic Voltage Regulators

Automatic Voltage Regulator Family
Automatic voltage regulators maintain a constant voltage level to electrical equipment loads. Learn how to choose the right voltage regulator for your application here.

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Application Guide: Automatic Voltage Regulator Selection Considerations

Automatic Voltage Regulator Applications Guide
Download our free application guide to learn how to select a voltage regulator for your application by specifying for phase load, nominal load, input range, phase control and regulator size.

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