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Broadcast Communications

The broadcast industry continues to become more dependent upon instant and consistent communication –whether it be radio, television, cell service, or the internet. The sophisticated hardware and infrastructure that generates, transmits, and delivers this media information, continues to become more voltage-sensitive due to competitive market pressures. Simply put, we need more data at faster speeds. Increased demand leads to increased power disturbances and non-sinusoidal loads, contributing to overall system vulnerability.

Other factors such as lightning strikes, line disturbances, and uneven loads tend to disable transients and cause spikes, sags, and surges. These conditions can degrade or even destroy sensitive broadcast electronics in receiving stations, studios, mobile production vehicles, and transmitter sites.

Protecting Broadcast Equipment with Automatic Voltage Regulators and Voltage Stabilizers

Broadcast transmitter sites and studios require voltage regulation on power sensitive equipment. Two devices used to maintain consistent voltage are the automatic voltage regulator and voltage stabilizer. Voltage regulators and voltage stabilizers work to protect broadcast equipment from factors such as voltage spikes, sags, and surges, but they do so in different ways.

An automatic voltage regulator will maintain a constant voltage to your equipment, even when the input voltage and system load vary widely. Voltage regulators detect variances in incoming power, absorb any electrical line discrepancies, and provide a safe, stabilized power supply to the equipment load.

The function of a voltage stabilizer differs slightly from a voltage regulator in that it provides accurate, stabilized output voltage to the equipment connected to it. Voltage stabilizers function on a buck and boost operation. When the voltage supply is less than ideal, boost operation increases the voltage to a rated level. Likewise, buck operation reduces the voltage level during the overvoltage condition. Both the voltage regulator and voltage stabilizer work to alleviate effects from significant variances in voltage to electrical equipment.

Prevent downtime and avoid catastrophic equipment failure, software damage, reduced power tube life, and poor signal quality.  Broadcast and communication engineers, cell and cable operators, around the world use and specify automatic voltage regulators and surge protection devices.

Featured Products

STABILINE® Automatic Voltage Regulators

Rated from 2kVA to 1,680 kVA, STABILINE Automatic Voltage Regulators maintain output voltage to ± 1% with 99% efficiency. This voltage regulator automatically feeds voltage-sensitive equipment at a constant voltage level with no waveform distortion, and with high overload capacity.
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STABILINE® Surge Protective Devices

STABILINE Surge Protective Devices offer reliable protection against even the most severe lightning strikes. DIN Rail and Box Enclosure styles rated 50 kA.
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