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Superior Electric offers an extensive line of voltage regulators as part of their WHR Series. WHR Series STABILINE® Automatic Voltage Regulators maintain constant voltage to your equipment, even when the input voltage and system load vary widely.

Lightning strikes, line disturbances and uneven loads cause disabling transients, spikes, sags and surges. Left unregulated, these conditions will degrade- even destroy sensitive broadcast electronics in receiving stations, studios, mobile production vehicles and transmitter sites. Avoid catastrophic equipment failure, software damage, reduced power tube life and poor signal quality with WHR Voltage Regulators.

STABILINE Automatic Voltage Regulators are designed for use on all AC power systems, up to 530 volts. WHR Series STABILINE Voltage Regulators use standardized control modules, power modules, enclosures, and other options. Control module options include single phase and individual phase control, power circuit options include narrow or wide correction ranges, and enclosure options include floor mount housings. All STABILINE Voltage Regulators are designed and built specifically for regulator use and are currently in operating internationally.

All WHR voltage regulator models utilize our core product technology of special POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers, also uniquely designed for regulator use. POWERSTAT® offers a Limited Range coil design allows for substantially higher current and power ratings without increasing unit size or weight. This is accomplished by utilizing a “limited” portion of the coil windings to provide regulation. The design allows for direct control of the output voltage without the need of secondary devices such as buck/boost transformers and tap switching semiconductors.

STABILINE WHR’s, rated from 2 kVA to 1680 kVA, offer exceptional protection to help broadcast facilities maintain output voltage to ±1% with 99% efficiency. STABILINE regulators automatically feed voltage sensitive equipment a constant voltage level with no waveform distortion, and they have a high overload capacity. Innovative modular construction is key to our ability to offer such a wide variety of regulators with excellent quality, fast delivery and competitive pricing

WHR Series Automatic Voltage Regulators

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  • Tight Output Accuracy (±1% to 3%)
  • Two Input Correction Ranges (Narrow & Wide)
  • Power Ratings to 1680 kVA
  • Single and 3-Phase Floor Mount Models 
  • Single and Individual Phase Control Models
  • 25 Standard Options


  • Broadcast Transmitters
  • Studios
  • Mobile Vehicles
  • Medical and Industrial Diagnostic Imaging
  • Telecommunications Receiving & Uplink Equipment

WHR Series STABILINE® Automatic Voltage Regulators vs Other Voltage Regulation Technology

Technology 1% Accuracy Shifted Input Range All Buck / All Boost Operation Very Low Impedance Low Harmonic Distortion All Load Power Factors Full Modularity 99% Typical Efficiency
 WHR Series Regulartor, Limited Range Variable Transformer  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Tap Switching System No Some Some Yes Yes No No Yes
Constant Voltage Transformer (Ferro) No Some No No No No No No
Saturable Reactor Yes No No No No No No No
Variable Transformer with Buck Boost Yes Some No Yes Yes Yes No No
Induction System Yes No No No Load Dependend Yes No No