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Lighting Applications

When Full Bright Isn’t Always Right

A multitude of residential, institutional, industrial, commercial, and theatrical applications rely on continuously adjustable autotransformer dimmer solutions. Chances are, you have seen, used, or specified wall box dimmer knobs in churches, stages, showrooms, libraries, auditoriums, and courthouses, to name a few. Commercial applications such as showrooms and theme parks rely on a durable, yet discrete, incandescent dimmers. Sensitive environments like production sets and studios require dimmers that eliminate annoying humming and radio/television interference in these applications.

Incandescent Lighting Control with Autotransformer Dimmers

Lighting controls, such as autotransformer dimmers, connect to light fixtures in commercial settings where there is a need to change the brightness of multiple powerful lights. Autotransformer dimmers function by changing the voltage waveform being sent to the incandescent lamp so that the intensity of the light output is either increased or decreased. Dimming effectiveness is dependent on the load input. There are two methods to control voltage input in these heavy-duty applications. It is common to manually dim or brighten commercial lighting by hand control of the dimmer knob or hand wheel on a wall box unit. However, some applications require the actuation of a drive motor with a momentary contact raise-lower switch to manipulate their incandescent dimmer.

A single autotransformer dimmer can control multiple incandescent fixtures at a time from the control booth. The number of lights that a dimmer can handle depends on the rated voltage capacity specified in the manual. The brilliance of the lamps on a single circuit will not be affected if one lamp were to burn out or disconnect from the circuit. For heavy-duty lighting applications such as movie sets, theatrical stage lighting, studios, and theme parks, operate several dimmers can at once from a master control, with or without separate control switches for the individual units.

Superior Electric’s variable transformer technology led to expertly designed incandescent lighting controls. Commercial incandescent dimmers are ideal for new building plans or use in existing lighting systems; no special wiring needed. Connect the dimmer across the line and the lighting load between the brush and the start of the winding.
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LUXTROL® Incandescent Light Control Equipment

LUXTROL® Incandescent Light Controls are used extensively for incandescent lighting in residential, theatrical, institutional, commercial, and industrial installations. All dimmers are continuously adjustable transformers that regulate light intensity by controlling the voltage applied to the lamps. Moving the dimmer control knob or actuating the drive motor moves a brush-contact over a bared portion of the transformer winding producing any desired lighting intensity from complete darkness to full brightness.
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