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STABILINE® Automatic Bus Transfer Switches are designed for hard-wired wall or bulkhead mounting in NEMA 4X enclosures. ABT models automatically transfer from one power source to a second source should the first fail outside of specification. Offered in fast (.5 second) or delayed (3 second) types and in two load ratings from 25 to 200 amps and from 201 to 600 amps. 

Automatic Bus Transfer Switches monitor the three-phase, 440 VAC, 60 Hz voltage of two input sources to insure they are within specification. Units transfer from one source to the other by means of an electrically and mechanically inter-locked power switch assembly. Unit settings allow for seeking of the preferred bus (the NORMAL BUS) or simply set to seek a bus with a suitable supply (POWER SEEKING). Added standard features include transfer test push button, auto or manual mode operation and load shed capabilities.

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