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LUXTROL® Incandescent Light Controls are extensively used for incandescent lighting in residential, theatrical, institutional, commercial and industrial installations. All dimmers are continuously adjustable transformers that regulate light intensity by controlling the voltage applied to the lamps. Moving the dimmer control knob or actuating the drive motor moves a brush-contact over a bared portion of the transformer winding producing any desired lighting intensity from complete darkness to full brightness.

Smooth Performance with No Flicker

The movable brush is always in contact with at least two turns of the winding with uniform contact pressure over the entire dimming range.

No Audio or Video Interference

Because the output of a variable transformer is a faithful and distortion-free image of the input waveform, the dimmer will not cause audio or video interference.

Flexible Capacity

Any number of lamps up to the rated capacity of the dimmer can be controlled. If one lamp burns out or is removed from the circuit, the others do not change in brilliance and can be dimmed to blackout.

Light Control products are obsolete and information on this page is for reference only.

LUXTROL® Light Controls in the WBD Series are continuously adjustable transformer dimmers. All are rated for use on 120 V, single phase AC service and are intended for incandescent lighting circuits only. Types WBD450 and WBD800 are rated for 50/60 Hz; Type WBD1800 for 60 Hz only. No annoying lamp filament hum nor radio/television interference is created. WBD Series dimmers control any number of incandescent lamps up to full rated capacity.

All LUXTROL® Light Controls in the WBD Series incorporate thermal overload protectors which automatically cycle the lights off and on when the maximum load of the unit is exceeded. This cycling action protects the dimmer from damage, and continues until the overload condition is corrected. A built-in input switch turns off the power to the dimmer when the knob is turned fully counterclockwise. LUXTROL® Light Controls are engineered to assure proper operation with little or no maintenance if installation instructions are followed correctly.

Underwriters’ Laboratories list all single units in the D5000-B Series.  Motor drive assemblies in the MD5000-B Series are also listed.  Parallel connected ganged assemblies are not UL listed as they have exposed terminals and a fuse located on the terminal board of each section. The Canadian Standards Association lists all manually operated and motor-driven D5000-B / MD5000-B Series.  However, the CSA listing requires the installation of parallel-connected assemblies in a suitable enclosure.

Light Control Products Are Obsolete and Product Catalog Available For Reference Only

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