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POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers

10C - 12C Series

POWERSTAT Variable Transformers of the 10C-12C Series are offered in single and three phase manually operated assemblies. The 10C Series units operate from 120V lines and the 12C Series units operate from 240V lines.

10C Series units are rated at 2.25 amperes for constant current loads and 3.0 amperes for constant impedance loads. When line voltage connected, 12C Series units are rated at 0. 7 ampere for constant current loads and 0,9 ampere for constant Impedance loads.

For over voltage connection the output rating for constant current loads is 0.5 ampere in the output range above line voltage but 0.7 ampere in the range from zero to line voltage. All these ratings are for metal panel mounting.

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