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116C | 117C | 216C | 217C Series

POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers of the 116C and 117C Series operate from 120 volt lines and 216C and 217C Series operate from 240 volt lines.

All models feature POWERKOTE coils. The rated output for constant current loads ls 10 amperes for the 11 SC Series; 12 amperes for the 117C Series; 3.5 amperes for the 216C Series; and 5 amperes for the 217C Series. For a constant impedance load the maximum rated output current at line voltage is increased to 13 amperes for the 11 SC Series; 15 amperes for the 117C Series; 5 amperes for the 216C Series and 7 amperes for the 217C Series. Single, manually operated units have both 3-hole and 4-hole mounting arrangements; all others have the 4-hole mounting.

Single units of the 117C and 217C Series and cord-and-plug models of the 116C and 216C Series have dials graduated in volts. Other single units of the 1l6C and216C Series and all ganged units have dials graduated 0-100. The angle of rotation from zero to maximum voltage is 317.5°.

Open construction models have a letter U suffix in the type number and have the shaft extending from the base end of the assembly for panel mounting. Knobs can also be placed at the radiator end of the assemblies for general utility mounting because the shafts are removable.

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