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126 & 226 Series

The 126 & 226 Series POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers are offered in single and three phase, manually-operated and motor-driven assemblies. The 126 Series types operate from 120 volt lines and the 226 Series types tram 240 volt lines. The rated output for constant current loads is 15 amperes for the 126 Series and 7 .5 amperes for the 226 Series. For a constant impedance load the maximum rated output current at line voltage is increased to 20 amperes for the 126 Series and 10 amperes for the 226 Series. All units in the 126 & 226 Series have POWERKOTE Coils.

Plug-in units have the same ratings as 126 and 226 Series but offer the convenience of input cord-plugs, fuses and output receptacles housed m cast aluminum terminal enclosures. They can be converted to limit the output voltage to line voltage. Plugs and receptacles are shown in the outline for cord and plug types on page 17 Fused models of the 126 Series have 15 amperes fuses and those of the 226 Series have 8 ampere fuses.

Open construction types have a letter (U) suffix in the type number and the same electrical ratings and coil to terminal wiring as their corresponding enclosed construction types. These POWERSTAT Variable Transformers have no protective screening and the shaft extends from the base end of the assembly for back-of-panel mounting. The shaft is removable permitting its extension from the radiator end of the assembly if desired without disturbing the brush or radiator.

The 126 & 226 Series are available in two- and three-gang assemblies in either enclosed or open construction. Most are provided with jumpers in the standard common position that may be moved or removed as required.

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