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Underground Mining Customers Put Joslyn Clark Contactors to the Test

by User Not Found | May 14, 2018

It’s no secret that mining companies operate in one of the harshest, most unforgiving environments on Earth. Conditions are humid and dirty, space is tight, production quotas must be met and equipment is put to the test every hour of every shift. If that’s not enough to worry about, the atmosphere can be explosive, literally. Using the right equipment makes all the difference in getting the job done in an underground mine. Vacuum contactors are used by companies worldwide in not just coal mines, but in mining operations for precious metals and other materials.

In an underground mine, space is very limited. Parts and machinery that are compact in size have an advantage over those that are larger. Vacuum contactors have a few features that deems them better suited for applications such as underground mining. For instance, vacuum contactors are more compact that air- break. Vacuum contactors are also fully phase insulated, offering greater safety benefits than traditional air- break systems. Versatility is also an important feature to have in confined spaces such as mining. Vacuum contactors are made with the capability to be mounted in any plane and quieter than air break contacts. In addition, vacuum contactors offer reduced maintenance, less machine downtime, not to mention the intangible benefits, such as greater safety.

In recent years, more and more mining equipment manufacturers have started using Joslyn Clark vacuum contactors in their OEM designs. Specifically, at the request of their mining customers, who have heard about or experienced firsthand the many benefits of vacuum contactors. For mining companies, the Joslyn Clark vacuum contactor’s compact design provides great flexibility for retrofitting to all existing air break contactors, thus enabling an existing application to continue with maintenance cost and downtime eliminated.