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dryer roller bearing

Innovative 2 Piece Roller Bearing Design Saves Appliance OEM Assembly Cost

See how a major appliance OEM to consolidate bearing design using a Thomson Nyliner Engineered Polymer material for a more cost effective solution 2 piece solution saving assembly related costs.
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Plastic Bearing Design Calculating PV Diagram

What to Consider For Successful Plastic Bearing Design

Learn what to consider to successfully design a plastic bearing for your application. See how to calculate bearing performance and the factors that influence it.
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Plastic Bearing Wall Thickness After

Case Study: Automotive Manufacturer Gets a Cost Reduction Alternative

See how Thomson Nyliner worked with a major automotive OEM to reduce plastic bearing weight and cycle time by nearly 60% resulting in significant cost savings.
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Straight Sleeve Bearings | Thomson Nyliner

When to Use Polymer Bearings

Learn when to use polymer bearings in your application, providing effective low cost, high performance and lightweight alternatives to bronze and metal bearings.
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