There are a wide variety of applications for plastic bearings and custom components in the medical industry. Plastic molded parts in medical applications must provide cost reduction, noise isolation, vibration dampening, reduced friction, and corrosion resistance.

For example, dental chairs require bearings to help eliminate noise and friction while in motion. Similarly, hospital beds depend on injection- molded parts to reduce wear, eliminate binding, and reduce noise. Thomson parts are incorporated into the design of many frequently used medical devices, where they help create a more pleasant experience for users.

Medical applications include:

  • Wheel Pivots
  • Armrest Pivots
  • Monitor Mount Pivots
  • Lighting/Monitor Adjustment Arms
  • Door Hinges
  • Cabinet Hinges
  • Cart Adjustments
  • Seating Adjustments
  • Gimbals
  • Consumables
  • X-Ray Robots
  • Laboratory Devices
  • Patient Chairs
  • Hospital Beds
  • Monitor Mount Pivots Plasitc Bearings Application
  • Hospital Bed Plastic Bearing Applications
  • Consumables Application
  • Patient Chair Plasitc Bearing Applications

Friction, noise, and vibration can be a concern in medical applications where objects are moved and adjusted frequently. The material and fit of a plastic bearing or custom molded component will directly impact its durability and performance in high traffic applications.

Thomson Nyliner bearings come standard with:

Features Straight Sleeve
Straight Sleeve Bearings | Thomson Nyliner
Single Flange
Type 5
Double Flange
Double Flanged
Wide Range of Size Options Y Y Y
Multiple Resin Options Y Y Y
Thin Wall Construction Y Y Y
Compensation Gap Y Y Y
Carbon Steel Outer (Optional) Y    
Lubrication Groove (Optional) Y    
Anti-Rotation Key (Optional)   Y  
Snap Fit     Y


Thin Wall Construction

Thin wall construction is important for bearings with tight tolerances, preventing heat buildup and potential for bearing failure.

Built-in Axial Slot

A standard feature of every Thomson Nyliner bearing is the built-in axial slot that allows the bearing diameter to adjust automatically due to variations in temperature or humidity.

Thomson Nyliner Engineering Polymers (TEP)

Our bearings are precision molded from Thomson Nyliner Engineering Polymers (TEP), five exclusive blends of bearing quality thermoplastics, and unique additives. They are tough, resilient, water-resistant plastics with low coefficients of friction that require little or no lubrication. These plastics are virtually unaffected by alkaline and dilute acids, detergents, alcohol, or organic solvents.

ThomsonTM NylinerTM Custom Molded Solutions

Our vertically integrated facility allows our team of molding experts to provide customers with a unique value-added approach for custom design solutions in medical applications. Designed, rapidly prototyped, and produced in-house, custom components solve thousands of design problems quickly and economically.

Thomson Nyliner bearings are currently used in various medical applications such as monitor arm pivots , hospital beds adjustment points and medical device rotational joints to name a few. Custom molded products make up over half of our business. Vertical integration and assembly are available for bearings and custom molded parts. All Thomson products are ROHS compliant.