Polymer Bearings are used in a variety of Transportation Vehicles, including Off-Highway, RV's, Cars and Trucks, Trains, Aircraft and Bicycles.

Application specific locations include the following:

• Pedal Pivots • Mirror and Lamp Adjust • Seat and Headrest Links • Door Hinge Pivot • Wiper Pivot • Shift Linkages
• Steering • King Pin Bushings • Belt Tensioners • Bolt Linkages

  • Straight Sleeve

    Straight Sleeve Bearings

    Straight Sleeve Bearings provide high Radial and Static load capacity in limited spaces.

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  • Flanged

    Flanged Bearings

    Flanged Bearings take both axial and radial loads while providing more secure retention than straight sleeve bearings.

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  • Double Flanged

    Double Flanged Bearings

    Double Flanged Bearings assure positive bearing retention and are designed for easy installation in thin plates.

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  • Custom

    Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions are designed, rapidly prototyped and produced in-house to solve thousands of design problems.

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