Double Flanged Bearings


Thomson Nyliner snap in bearings are designed for applications in which easy installation is a factor. These Double Flanged Bearings offer all the benefits of a traditional metal bearing as well as all of the benefits of a conventionally installed Thomson Nyliner polymer bearing, but are designed for use with especially thin plates or applications where bearing retention is an issue.

Thomson Nyliner snap in bearings feature the axial compensation gap that is standard on all Thomson Nyliner polymer bearings (which functions to compensate for fluctuations in temperature and humidity). However, on Thomson Nyliner snap in bearings, the axial compensation gap also assists with easy installation by allowing the smaller of the flanges to be collapsed and spiraled through the mounting hole. Additionally, the double-flanged construction of Thomson Nyliner snap in bearings ensures that the snap in bearings will remain seated in thrust-absorption situations.

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  • Type 7 NEW

    Type 7

    Type 7 snap in bearings are available in diameters from 1/8” to 3/4” for use with plates 0.04” to 0.135” in thickness and diameters from 3mm to 12mm for us with plates from 2mm to 3.5mm in thickness. Type 7 snap in bearings are also available in Thomson Nyliner's high performance polymer. 

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