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Plastic Component Assembly 1

Automated Assembly Services

We help OEM manufacturers consolidate and reduce lead times for high volume plastic components

Thomson Nyliner molding experts provide vertically integrated component solutions to OEM manufacturers looking to consolidate their supply base and reduce lead times.

Decrease Overall Cost & Lead Time

Custom molded and assembled products make up approx. 80% of Thomson Nyliner demand. Our approach includes partnering with integrators to establish a process for estimating, designing and building automation equipment along with delivering high volume automated assemblies.

  • In-house injection molding capabilities
  • In-house assembly of high volume custom molded parts
  • Integrated robotic assembly capabilities
  • Reduced lead times thanks to vertical integration
  • Reduced costs with single source for components and assembly
  • Full quality control up to finished assembly
  • No additional transportation costs between suppliers
  • US based manufacturing and assembly

Automation Inpection Services

Inspection Prior to Automation

Prior to automation, components were molded and assembled by hand, leaving room for human error. Our specialty is in small assemblies that offer low complexity and large volume.