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Since 1954, Thomson™ Nyliner™ has been an industry leader in high-quality bearings, fasteners and industrial solutions. Our line of standard and custom products uses a maintenance-free proprietary polymer specifically designed to reduce friction, isolate noise, dampen vibration, resist corrosion and lower operating costs for a range of industrial uses. Our unmatched expertise in polymer wear, friction, and fastener value-added solutions has enabled our customers to enjoy benefits in the following areas: Cost Reduction, Part Consolidation, Noise Isolation, Vibration Dampening, Reduced Friction, Assembly Consolidation, Weight Reduction, and Corrosion Resistance.

No Lubrication Required with Thomson™ Nyliner™ Polymer Products
Our bearings eliminate wear, noise and vibration with our self-lubricationg bearing technology. No maintenance, corrosion resistance, low cost, and light weight.

High Performance with Thomson Nyliner Engineered Polymers
Thomson Nyliner Engineered Polymers (TEP) fit demanding applications such as high loads, high temperatures, and extreme long life. Products made with our “plus” TEP enable us to achieve application-specific load, speed, friction and temperature requirements.

Thomson Nyliner Solid Bearings
Low-cost, drop-in alternative to bronze and metal bearings.

Custom Molded Fastener Solutions - Give Your Design Precision Fit
Thomson Nyliner has the ability to manufacture a complete line of fasteners such as spacers, grommets, hole plugs, leveling feet, door glides, hook, friction pads, and shelf supports. These components can be customized to your exact specification.