About Thomson

Brand Overview

Since 1954, Thomson Molded Products Group has been an industry leader in high-quality bearings, fasteners and industrial solutions for clients in six different markets.

Our line of standard and custom products uses a maintenance-free proprietary polymer specifically designed to reduce friction, isolate noise, dampen vibration, resist corrosion and lower operating costs for a range of industrial uses. In addition, we also custom manufacture a complete line of products including spacers, grommets, hole plugs, leveling feet, door glides, hooks, friction pads and shelf supports to specification.

10 Reasons Why Design Engineers Prefer Thomson Nyliner Products

1. New Product Development
Engineering new products to provide application solutions.

2. Catalog Offering
With more than 500 off-the-shelf polymer bearing and fastener products available.

3. Rapid Prototyping
Free samples for customer testing and performance validation. In addition, we fabricate single cavity molds to support low-volume production validation needs.

4. Production Tool Design & Build
Fabricated, custom tooling to optimize part geometry cost and assembly efficiency. These cost savings are passed to our customers.

5. Quality Control
We use DBS tools and state-of-the-art equipment to accurately monitor and measure part dimensions. Engineers have confidence in the quality of every part we ship.

6. Multi-Piece Assembly
Cellular one-piece flow assembly capabilities reduce cost and speed delivery. Plastic to metal, plastic to plastic, and multi-piece assembly.

7. Application Engineering
Customers receive free engineering assistance for wear and friction reduction, noise isolation, vibration dampening, part consolidation, assembly consolidation and weight reduction.

8. Material Selection
Material engineering support helps engineers specify and select the optimal materials for your application based on surface area, loads, speeds, temperature and coefficient of friction levels.

9. Customer Service
Customers appreciate the easy order entry process via EDI. We monitor and track customer request ship dates on a daily basis.

10. More Than 50 Years of Injection Molding Experience
Our U.S. based 180,000 square-foot manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-the art injection mold machines and tools with closed loop control systems to optimize part quality.