Custom Molded Fasteners and Bearings


Custom molded fasteners are components created for fastening applications in which two components must be attached in a way requiring a non-generic fastening solution that is still durable and cost-effective.

Thomson Nyliner custom molded fasteners are well-suited to a number of applications and are already in use as grommets, spacers, hole plugs, leveling feet, custom caps, door glides, idler wheels, friction pads, shelf supports, and wire harnesses. Thomson Nyliner custom molded fasteners are prevalent in many industries including Automotive, Office equipment, Marine, Medical, Appliances.

Custom molded fasteners are often superior to a generic alternative because they are engineered to the customer's exact needs and specifications. Thomson Nyliner's process of rapid prototyping and customer service allow the production of custom molded fasteners that are exactly what the customer requires. Design features can be specialized to compensate for extreme temperatures and moisture levels as well as non-standard custom molded fastener dimensions. Thomson Nyliner custom molded fasteners are fabricated on demand for the customer's required application to utilize the minimum amount of space required. These custom molded fasteners are designed, rapidly prototyped, and produced in-house to solve thousands of design problems quickly and economically. Thomson Nyliner custom molded fasteners are low-friction polymer solutions that provide quiet, smooth, and long-lasting operation, but do not require lubrication or frequent maintenance. Like all Thomson Nyliner polymer products, Thomson Nyliner custom molded fasteners are resistant to corrosive materials, durable, and affordable. Additionally, Thomson Nyliner can fabricate custom molded fasteners out of hundreds of different materials to suit any application.