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How Do I Mount the 7777 Model and Rite-Trak Series Hubodometer?
Hubodometers can be mounted on a VeederRoot bracket or hub cap. Concentricity of the hubodometer to axel must be within 0.062” (1.6mm). Mounting the 7777 Model and Rite- Trak Series hubodometers begins with inserting the hubodometer mounting stud into the mounting hole and securing with a washer and lock nut. 3. Torque the nut to 18 to 22 lb-ft. (24 to 30 N-m) maximum. See the attached instructions for additional information on properly mounting your hubodometer to your equipment.
Is There An Alternate Options for the Obsolete 1239 Series Counter?
Unfortunately, the 1239 Series of counters has been obsoleted. However, the G0250002 is a functional alternative for the 1239. I have provided the data sheets for the older unit as well as the alternate.
What Will Be the Replacement for the C346 Series Counters?
The C346 Models were phased out in Apr-2021 and will go out of production soon. However we offer Versa Count VC772/773 models that are an equivalent replacement for the C346 models. 

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