Counters for Manufacturing Facilities


Veeder-Root counters are the instruments of choice for manufacturing facilities around the globe.

Whether used for item/piece/batch counting, motor rate monitoring, liquid flow/fill rate indication and control, rate or draw ratio measurement, production rate, linear measurement/cut to length control, or position measurement, Veeder-Root counters continue to be leaders in this field. No matter what the industrial or commercial application, Danaher Industrial Controls likely has the perfect counter solution. Our broad assortment of indicators, totalizing and preset counter models are used in thousands of diverse industry applications each and every day, providing superb quality and reliable performance in even the most demanding industrial applications.

  • C628 Awesome Display Dual Preset & Batch Counter

    C628 Series AWESOME Display Counters and Meters

    The C628 Elapsed Timer is a member of a family of 1/8 DIN instruments which offer breakthrough display technology as well as easy-to-program user setup. Its large LED display features the ability to change color based on process status such as exceeding the preset value.  

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  • VC772 picture

    VersaCount Series

    VersaCount is the only device you need when Versatility Counts. Versatility doesn’t stop with functionality. The highest count frequency in the industry enables the VersaCount to perform in applications not previously possible with an electronic counter. 

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  • Series 1953 Linear Measuring Visicounter

    1953 Series Visicounters

    The Series 1953 is designed and manufactured to provide years of trouble-free service in the most rigorous industrial applications. Available in several geared ratios, the Series 1953 is especially well suited for linear measurement of feet, yards, 1/8 yards, or meters. 

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  • Series 7428-7430 Medium Size

    Medium Sized Direct and Revolution Drive Counters

    Bold 5-figure display and smooth rotary reset highlight this series of industrial grade totalizers. Other features include long-life bearings a 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) shaft, permitting use of our measuring wheels for linear footage totalizing applications.

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  • Series 7434 Linear Measuring,Worm Drive

    Worm Drive Counters

    Available in three popular geared ratios, the Series 7434 is typically used with measuring wheels to totalize feet, yards, 1/8 yards, or meters

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  • Series 1667,1669 Visicounter

    1667-1669 Visicounter Series

    The Visicounter 1667 and 1669 Series mechanical counters are very popular, rugged, industrial strength counters available in ratchet drive and gear drive models.  They feature 6 large easy to read digits and knob reset with robust 5/16 inch diameter input shaft (oversized at 7.9mm vs. 7mm standard).

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  • C346 Full-Feature LCD  LED Dual Preset Counter

    C346 Series 1/16 DIN Programmable Multifunction Counters

    The C346 Series is a full featured preset counter that can be field configured to perform as a rate meter or an elapsed time counter, both with outputs. Chose an LCD display or the industry's only 6 digit, 48mm x 48mm preset counter, with an LED display. 

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