Electro-Mechanical Counters

Product Types

Veeder-Root electronic counters feature a mix of products that include some models that have a dedicated function (but common form factor and inerface) for each part number.  

Other models are multifunction units that can be programmed for a wide range of applications.  Some  of these even include timing functions.  Our offerings for meters and process indicators are also included in this section.

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Product Series

  • Series 7790 Miniature Low-Cost

    7790-7791 Series

    These small counters are available in multiple mounting configurations (panel mount, base mount, back of panel mount and rear mount) and compact size.  These can be ordered as 5 or 6 figure counters and deliver excellent performance and reliability.  The count coil can be continuously energized.

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  • Series 7790 Miniature Low-Cost

    Miniature Electro-Mechanical Counters

    Miniature Electro-Mechanical Counters are non-reset totalizers that deliver excellent performance and reliability characteristics for a low cost.

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  • Series 7437- 7438 Low -Cost Nonreset  Reset Counters

    Small Electro-Mechanical Counters

    This is the Veeder-Root standard offering for electro-mechanical counters.  These can be actuated by AC or DC pulses as specified.  They are available as reset (7438 series) and non-reset (7437 series) versions.

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  • Series 1239 High Speed

    High Speed Electro-Mechanical Counters

    The 1239 series has rock solid construction and is a predetermining alarm counter with manual reset for up to 5000 counts per minute (additive operation).  The 7441 series is a panel mount counter which counts down from a user entered preset value (1500 counts per minute DC and 1200 cpm AC). 

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  • Series 7443 General Purpose

    General Purpose Electro-Mechanical Counters

    Rugged counters designed for industrial duty applications with die cast cases. The 7443 series are available with AC or DC operation. The 1205 series are AC models and can withstand continuous coil energization without degrading life or performance.

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  • Hour Meters

    Hour Meters

    Ruggedness and reliability are featured in our hour meters. One-tenth hour resolution, round or rectangular package and cutout styles and a choice of DC or AC inputs allow its use on construction machinery or leased equipment to determine usage, maintenance, and warranty periods.

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