Electronic Counters

Electronic Counters

Electronic Counters for Industrial Applications

Electronic counters increase or decrease by one count with each input signal and provides real-time feedback on a digital display. Time indication (such as in time meters and clocks) or rate indication (such as tachometers) are examples of standard electronic functions. Electronic counters boast features such as:

  • Solid-state display technology (LCD and LED)
  • High counting speeds
  • Silent Operation
  • Long operation life

Veeder Root is globally recognized for innovative design, quality, durability and accuracy. Our electronic counters are backed by over 120 years of experience in development and application of counting and controlling industrial instruments.

You will see Veeder Root electronic counters in challenging applications such as precise measurement of length or position and item counting of fast-moving objects.

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Product Series

  • C628 Awesome Display Dual Preset & Batch Counter

    C628 Series AWESOME Display Counters and Meters

    The C628 Elapsed Timer is a member of a family of 1/8 DIN instruments which offer breakthrough display technology as well as easy-to-program user setup. Its large LED display features the ability to change color based on process status such as exceeding the preset value.  

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  • VC772 picture

    VersaCount Series

    VersaCount is the only device you need when Versatility Counts. Versatility doesn’t stop with functionality. The highest count frequency in the industry enables the VersaCount to perform in applications not previously possible with an electronic counter. 

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  • C346 Full-Feature LCD  LED Dual Preset Counter

    C346 Series 1/16 DIN Programmable Multifunction Counters

    The C346 Series is a full featured preset counter that can be field configured to perform as a rate meter or an elapsed time counter, both with outputs. Chose an LCD display or the industry's only 6 digit, 48mm x 48mm preset counter, with an LED display. 

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  • A103 Totalizer

    A103 Series Counters and Meters

    The A103 Preset Counters are amazingly compact in size and low in cost, with a full complement of popular features. In addition to the preset counter models shown here, the A103 series also includes matching indicators for count-totalizing, timing, and rate/speed metering, as well as preset-timer models. 

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  • C342 Totalizer

    C342 Series 1/32 DIN LCD and LED Counters

    A very compact tachometer available standard with choice of LCD or LED display. Choose from self-powered models containing a 7 year lithium battery, or from models accepting an external 12 - 24 VDC power supply. Externally powered units utilize a nonvolatile RAM to retain data during absence of power. 

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  • C628 Awesome Display Position Indicators

    S628 Series AWESOME Display Process Indicators

    The S628 Series is a member of a family of 1/8 DIN instruments which offer breakthrough display technology as well as easy-to-program user setup. Its large LED display features the ability to change color based on process status such as exceeding an alarm value. 

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  • S428A

    S428a Series Process Indicators

    The S428A is Dynapar branded (legal entity name for Veeder-Root) and is a digital panel indicator providing a high contrast, high visibility display, designed for optimal ease of use in a wide variety of process measurement applications. The S428A is fast, accurate and easy to read with a jumperless configuration, plug in output boards and quick and easy setup. The S428A further provides a new user-selectable dual color display option with fixed red or green displays or a green to red color change when an alarm condition occurs.

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  • MicroMite 7999F8-302 Totalizer

    7999 Series MITE Totalizers

    The MITE Series is a versatile family of LCD totalizers that includes unidirectional and bidirectional models. Based on the latest CMOS circuitry, they feature a long-life internal power source, high count-speed capability, and eight-digit liquid crystal display. 

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  • MAX-jr-count1

    Max Jr. Series 1/8 DIN Counters and Meters

    The MAX Jr. Series provides the flexibility needed for the most demanding item counting and length measurement applications. Its bidirectional operation, high contrast display with polarity indicator, and reference preset function make it especially well-suited for use as a low cost position indicator.. 

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  • Squire Compact Full Featured Dual Preset Counter

    Electronic Dual Preset Counter with Comms

    Designed for industrial machine and process control applications, the Series 7910 provides a full complement of programmable features including bidirectional counting modes, programmable output logic and hold times, and RS-422 or RS-232 data communications. A unique dual counter mode lets the Series 7910 replace the functions of two predetermining counters in some applications. Two high-speed counting registers with separate calibration factors.

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  • Flex

    FLEX and FLEX-MINI Panel Meters

    The FLEX® Analog Panel Meters offer many features and performance capabilities to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Available in five different models to handle various analog inputs, including DC Voltage/Current, AC Voltage/Current, Process, Temperature, and Strain Gage Inputs. 

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  • V4545 High Visibility Single or Dual Preset Counter

    V4545 LED Single Preset Counter

    By providing capabilities well beyond event counting, the V4545 Counter offers greater functionality along with the high visibility of an LED display. 

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