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Electronic counters increase or decrease by one count with each input signal and provides real-time feedback on a digital display. Time indication (such as in time meters and clocks) or rate indication (such as tachometers) are examples of standard electronic functions. Electronic counters boast features such as: Solid-state display technology (LCD and LED) High counting speeds Silent Operation Long operation life Veeder Root is globally recognized for innovative design, quality, durability and accuracy. Our electronic counters are backed by over 120 years of experience in development and application of counting and controlling industrial instruments. You will see Veeder Root electronic counters in challenging applications such as precise measurement of length or position and item counting of fast-moving objects.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Electronic Counters

What are electronic counters?

Electronic counters are single, or multi-function devices used to detect speed, position, and provide the total on a digital display.

How do electronic counters work?

As the brain of the electronic counter, a sequential logic circuit uses a clock input to either increment or decrement, depending on the application requirements. The electronic counter output signal is a direct representation of the current count, visualized on a digital display on the face of the counter.

What are the applications of electronic counters?

Electronic counters serve many applications, including time or rate indication, length or position measurement, unit counting in industrial markets such as packaging, manufacturing, printing, baking, and more.

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