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Industrial Applications Of Our Counters

Options to Accommodate Any Application

Veeder-Root products typically fall within one of three broad categories; mechanical, electromechanical and electronic counters and controllers. Each technology offers a unique set of advantages that allow you to more finely implement the functions you need to best serve your unique industrial application.

Electronic counters can have many different functions for count, control, and time monitoring. These include arithmetic functions, controller, batch counter, count totalizer, event counter, preset, pulse counter, delay cycle, position indicator, rate meters or tachometers, and time meters. Reset capability can be none, manual, remote or auto reset (model dependent). Electronic counters are available in several mounting configurations and include stand-alone, DIN rail mount, panel or flange mount, PCB mount, portable, and rack mount options.

Mechanical counters and electromechanical (electric) counters are generally used as totalizers, with some models available as preset counters. They visually display counts based on rotary, ratcheting, or voltage pulse input. Readout via decade wheels that have 0-9 numerals printed on a contrasting background. Counting is accomplished through direct coupling to a rotating or reciprocating machine element - e.g. a ratchet drive or rotary shaft, measuring wheel, lever (hand tally, vary tally),  cam, or switch. The mounting location for a mechanical or electromechanical counter is greatly influenced by its linkage or coupling requirements or pulse voltage source. 

Preset / Predetermining Counters

Electromechanical (Electric) Counters

Electronic Counters

Rate Indicators

Process Indicators

Multi-function Indicators/Controller Models

Electronic Timers

Electric / Electromechanical Timers

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