Preset Counters

Preset Counters (or predetermining counters) are essentially totalizers that can switch an external circuit when its counted total matches a user-entered preset limit. They can be used in manufacturing and process applications to control batch lot size, cutting material to length, punching or drilling, and many other count, position, or length related operations.

Electronic predetermining counters bring the advantages of modern digital displays, high counting speeds, multiple presets, silent operation, and long life. Our general purpose types are comparably priced to other technologies and are very easy to install and use. An important, powerful feature provided by electronic designs is the automatic reset function. The counter is instantly recycled when its output occurs – permitting control of repetitive operations without human intervention. The electronic predetermining counter’s high speed and compatibility with a variety of sensors makes them ideal for length-cutting, positioning, or liquid/gas flow applications that demand precise, repeatable control.

Preset Counters
  • VC772 picture

    VersaCount Series Multi-function Counter

    Main Display: 6 digits | Dimensions: 48mm x 48mm | Display Type: LCD | Max Count Speed: Up to 60 kHz | Front Panel Rating: IP65

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  • C628 Awesome Display Dual Preset & Batch Counter

    C628 Series Preset and Batch Counters

    Primary Display: 5 digits; Secondary Display: 1 digit | Dimensions: 48 mm x 96 mm | Display Type: Red/Green, 7 segment LED | Max Count Speed: Programmable up to 10 kHz | Front Panel Rating: NEMA 4X/IP65

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  • A103 Totalizer

    A103 Series Preset Counter

    8 digits | Dimensions: 36mm x 72mm | Display Type: LCD | Max Count Speed: 10 kHz | Front Panel Rating: NEMA 4X/IP65

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