VersaCount Multi-function Counter

1/16 DIN High Speed Multi-function Electronic Counter 

  • UL Recognized and CE compliant Models available for various AC/DC voltages
  • Backlit LCD display in various colors, compact size
  • Smooth 4 button tactile keypad interface
  • Three solid state outputs and one relay output are standard with option for 2 relay outputs
  • Configurable for timing, counting, or rate meter functions
  • Up to 60kHz count speed enables the use of high resolution encoders
  • Plug in connectors for easy installation
  • Modern styling

Product Manual:

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VersaCount Multi-function Counter


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VersaCount VC772, VersaCount XP (VC773 and VC774 Series)

The most versatile counter on the market in a 1 /16 DIN size (48x48mm). The programmable device can be used for timing, counting, rate measurement, position indication, speed control, length cutting, batch counting, piece counting, and volume measurement. High accuracy unit (to one ten-thousandth) with two-line LCD display. Control is enhanced with three presets and signal for relay hold times programmable up to 10 minutes.

VersaCount XP models can be programmed via USB or Ethernet connection. The Programming Assistant software enables applications to easily be created, archived, and printed. Programs can be created for global applications to multiple units or single files tied to the unit serial number. All of the VersaCount XP 773 and 774 models allow easy upload of programming files via USB stick or cable. RS232 comms are also available to print the configuration and memory in the unit.


  • Production batching
  • Packaging
  • Cut to length
  • Spooling
  • Coil winding
  • Positioning; mixing
  • Blending and dispensing
  • Converting; and web processes {slitting, cutting, etc.).

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