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Counters For Printing Solutions


We may be living in a digital age, but printed materials aren’t going anywhere any time soon. The print advertising industry is still a multi-billion dollar a year enterprise, and with advanced data collection and consumer profiling technologies growing more sophisticated every year, there’s every reason to believe it will only continue to grow.

To meet these needs speedily and efficiently, it’s vital for printing press operators to perform regular maintenance on their equipment to prevent costly breakdowns and other malfunctions. Time spent in repairs is time not spent fulfilling orders and meeting customer demands.

With paper such an important and valuable commodity, minimizing waste through smooth print press operation is key. Danaher Specialty Products Veeder-Root counters can  be found working in collaboration with Dynapar encoders to provide critical unit counting, conveyor speed or cut to length feedback to print machinery operators at any given time to ensure maximum output capability and reduced incidence of scrap due to misprinting or faulty conveyor speed.

Product Series

A103 Totalizer
A103 Series Counters and Meters The A103 Preset Counters are amazingly compact in size and low in cost, with a full complement of popular features. In addition to the preset counter models shown here, the A103 series also includes matching indicators for count-totalizing, timing, and rate/speed metering, as well as preset-timer models.  Shop Series →
C342 Totalizer
C342 Series 1/32 DIN LCD and LED Counters A very compact tachometer available standard with choice of LCD or LED display. Choose from self-powered models containing a 7 year lithium battery, or from models accepting an external 12 - 24 VDC power supply. Externally powered units utilize a nonvolatile RAM to retain data during absence of power.  Shop Series →
MicroMite 7999F8-302 Totalizer
7999 Series MITE Totalizers The MITE Series is a versatile family of LCD totalizers that includes unidirectional and bidirectional models. Based on the latest CMOS circuitry, they feature a long-life internal power source, high count-speed capability, and eight-digit liquid crystal display.  Shop Series →

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