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Veeder-Root Hubodometers are used to record distance or area covered by rolling stock, primarily commercial Over-The-Road trailers, large buses and agricultural equipment. They record every revolution in either direction. The design uses a counterbalance to prevent orbiting (which could stop measurement or undercount the distance) ensuring accurate counts at high speeds or rough terrain.


  • Durable Design – A rugged, hermetically sealed enclosure protects high-quality components from harsh road and weather conditions such as water, dust, and fog.
  • Unwavering Accuracy – Veeder Root hubodometer are uniquely designed with weights to counteract occurrences of orbiting, avoiding inaccuracy.
  • Reliable Readings - whether electrical or mechanical, all Veeder Root hubodometers will dependably provide distance traveled through an easy-to-read window.
  • Over a Century of Experience – Veeder Root continues to build on a solid foundation of building industry-proven counting devices

Mechanical Hubodometer

7777 Series Mechanical Hubodometer

The 7777 Series mechanical hubodometer, also known as “the original hubodometer”, is a best seller in the industry. The 7777 boasts a rugged, hermetically sealed die-cast zinc enclosure to house its mechanical drive train for a long life. With the capability to record every revolution of the wheel in either direction and measure in miles, kilometers, or acres, you will find that the 7777 Series offers a solution for almost all applications.

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Electronic Hubodometer

RT-1000 Series Electronic Hubodometer

The Veeder Root RT-1000 electrical hubodometer offers flexibility in the field. Boasting simple programming and an error- free, digital display, the RiteTack hubodometer can adapt to any tire size and record its distance traveled in miles, kilometers or acres. This electrical hubodometer provides accurate, secure measurement with the ruggedness and reliability Veeder Root has stood by for over a century.

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Slim Hubodometer

Slim Hubodometer Series

The Veeder Root Slim Hubodometer series is 25% thinner than competitor’s offerings and reduces the portion of the meter extending past the wheel end. The Slim Hubodometers Series has a mechanical drivetrain housed in a rugged, low profile enclosure and measure distance traveled in miles or kilometers.

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What is a hubodometer?

Hubodometers are measurement tools mounted to the wheel end hub of various types of rolling stock equipment, designed to count each rotation of the wheel, translate wheel size to a unit of measurement, and present the count on an electrical or mechanical display.

What is the purpose of a hubodometer?

Fleet operators and managers depend on hubodometers to accurately measure the distance or area covered by their equipment, often rented or leased. Common applications include maintenance scheduling, determining lease charges and calculating cost per mile for rentals. Hubodometers are the least expensive, most accurate way to record miles or kilometers on a trailer or commercial bus.

How does a hubodometer work?

A hubodometer is mounted to the center axis of the wheel. As the wheel turns, forwards or backwards, the hubodometer enclosure also turns. However, the interior drivetrain of the hubodometer remains stationary allowing it to count each revolution of the wheel and translate the revolutions into miles, kilometer or acres.