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The RT-1000 Series Rite-Trak Electronic Hubodometer is a Supremely Versatile Wheel-End Hubodometer

Veeder Root electronic hubodometers digitally record distance or area covered by rolling stock such as over-the-road trailers, large buses, and agricultural equipment. Wheel-end hubodometers track miles/ kilometers/ acres/ hectares traveled by counting each axle rotation of the vehicle or trailer. This data is imperative for preventative maintenance scheduling and lease or rental fees. Fleet managers and other users turn to electronic hubodometers for flexibility in the field.

Electronic Hubodometer
Electronic Hubodometer Mounted

The RT-1000 Series consists of only one model because this hubodometer fits any rotating axle, regardless of tire size. The internal design is just as minimal with only one moving part, allowing the digital counting device to be simple and compact with a long operation life. A small magnet (included with the unit) allows you to program ratio, distance unit (miles, km, acres, hectares), and even the start value. This device is tough enough to live on a traveling axle yet smart enough to deliver accurate digital data.

  • Minimize hubodometer inventory with just one standard unit to fit all tire sizes.
  • Quickly and easily program the number of revolutions per acre/hectare without the need for a specialized programming instrument due to digital electronic circuitry.
  • Rely on an error-free display. A large, high contrast display always remains upright, no matter the axle position, providing easy, reliable, and highly accurate milage data.
  • Extend your records by separating equipment trip mileage from lifetime totals.
  • View the serial number via the display housed in a tamperproof setup scheme. Changes to the unit's setup can be permanently disabled to prevent tampering. It may be preset to any starting value.


Display: LCD, 7 digits, 0.45” high (11.43mm)
Warranty:5 year — no mileage limitation
Mounting:0.500-20 UNF 2A threaded integral mounting stud
Construction:Diecast zinc housing


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