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Mechanical counters mount to the axle of a vehicle or trailer and count each axle rotation to track total miles/ kilometers/ acres/ hectares traveled. The 7777 Series Veeder-Root Mechanical Hubodometer provides rugged, reliable operation for all applications. The die-cast zinc housing is hermetically sealed and filled with inert gas and protected by a double O-ring.

As the vehicle axle rotates, the entire hubodometer housing rotates. However, an eccentrically mounted weight remains stationary inside the device. The weight, or magnet, always points down as the body of the hubometer rotates around it, counting each rotation. Contrasting wheels on the hubodometer faceplate display the readout in real-time.

Mechanical Hubodometer

The 7777 Series Veeder-Root Mechanical Hubodometer is also known as “the original hubodometer” and boasts features such as:

  • Records every revolution in both directions
  • Hermetically sealed diecast zinc case with inert gas and doubled o-ring protection
  • Precision shaft supported front and rear with needle bearings
  • Specified by revolution per mile/kilometer— not just tire size
  • 300,000 mile/500,000 kilometer warranty (no time limit)
  • Unique counterbalance design prevent orbiting — even on rough roads
  • Magnifying crystal enlarge digits and angles up for easier reading


 Speed:1000 RPM, maximum
 Size of Figures:0.187 in. high by 0.125 in. wide (4.75mm x 3.18mm)
 Color of Figures:Tenths wheel is red on white; other wheels are white on black
 Mounting:0.500-20 UNF 2A threaded integral mounting stud
 Construction:Case – Die-cast zinc
Figure Wheel, Pinions & Gears – acetal resin
Crystal – polycarbonate resin
Bearings – Precision sintered bronze
Main Shaft – hardened steel
 Warranty:300,000 miles/500,000 kilometers


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