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Mechanical Counters

Mechanical Counters for Industrial Applications

Mechanical Veeder-Root products set the industry standard for rugged reliable solutions for piece counting, linear measurement and position indication.

Mechanical counters serve as the primary counter in some applications; however, they are also popular as a backup to electronic devices where a redundant or failsafe counter is needed.

Veeder-Root Mechanical Counters are rugged yet reliable solutions to piece counting, linear measurement, and position indication. Our extensive portfolio of heavy-duty counting devices serves many applications, including:

  • Oil, gas or water meters
  • Tool tracking for preventative maintenance,
  • Secondary counting for electrical devices in case of power failure,
  • Mileage/ distance tracking for heavy-duty equipment 
  • Process or goods tracking throughout manufacturing facilities

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Mechanical Counters

Product Series

Series 1953 Linear Measuring Visicounter
1953 Series Visicounters The Series 1953 is designed and manufactured to provide years of trouble-free service in the most rigorous industrial applications. Available in several geared ratios, the Series 1953 is especially well suited for linear measurement of feet, yards, 1/8 yards, or meters.  Shop Series →
Small Square Case
Small Square Case Counters A very popular family of flange mount case, 5-figure non-reset totalizers. All models feature a scratch resistant front crystal, smooth low torque operation, and dust resistant construction. Models are available with input shaft drives which count from a ratcheting motion, or rotary drives with count per revolution ratios of 1:1, 10:1, or 1:10. Shop Series →
Series 1129 Large-Figure
Large Figure Counters Well-defined ¾ inch high numbers for clear reading. Built for rugged use. Used for Machine tools, Textile, Machinery, and Production machines. Shop Series →
Series 7272-7287 Small Resettable,Rachet or Revolution Drive
Small Ratchet Drive Counters These small case counters are available with ratchet drive (7272 series) or revolution drive (7287 series) models. They feature rugged construction, five digit easy to read display and quick knob reset. Shop Series →
Series 1239 High Speed
High Speed Mechanical Counters Exacting design specifications and manufacturing standards make this high speed totalizer appropriate for continuous operation at rates to 6000 counts per minute. Shop Series →
Series 7428-7430 Medium Size
Medium Sized Direct and Revolution Drive Counters Bold 5-figure display and smooth rotary reset highlight this series of industrial grade totalizers. Other features include long-life bearings a 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) shaft, permitting use of our measuring wheels for linear footage totalizing applications. Shop Series →
Series 7434 Linear Measuring,Worm Drive
Worm Drive Counters Available in three popular geared ratios, the Series 7434 is typically used with measuring wheels to totalize feet, yards, 1/8 yards, or meters Shop Series →
Series 7623 Hand Tally
Hand Tally and Vary Talley Counters The universally popular Hand Tally from Veeder-Root. Solid, accurate, reliable – its high impact, corrosion resistant construction is designed to outlast low quality imitations many times over. Shop Series →
Measuring Wheels
Measuring Wheels Our measuring wheels are diecast and machined to the highest standards of quality. Circumferences of 1 foot, and 1/3 meter are standard, and are accurate to 0.1% of stated size.  Shop Series →
Series 1667,1669 Visicounter
1667-1669 Visicounter Series

The Visicounter 1667 and 1669 Series mechanical counters are very popular, rugged, industrial strength counters available in ratchet drive and gear drive models.  They feature 6 large easy to read digits and knob reset with robust 5/16 inch diameter input shaft (oversized at 7.9mm vs. 7mm standard).

Shop Series →

Commonly Asked Questions About Mechanical Counters

What is a Mechanical Counter?

A mechanical counter is a counting device powered by the movement of a ratchet. Mechanical counters serve as indicators or totalizers for individual items or sequences of events.

How Do Mechanical Counters Work?

With no power source needed, mechanical counters operate based on the old principle of carrying over. A rotary or ratchet input prompts the mechanical counter to increment the turn of a simple number wheel. Often viewed as primal technology, mechanical counters are integral components of many applications where advanced technology is not reliable or durable.

What Are Electric Counters?

Electric counters offer a single or multi-functional digital counting solution time indication (such as in time meters and clocks) or rate indication (such as tachometers). Unlike mechanical counters, electric counters boast easy-to-read LED displays. Learn more about electronic counters here.