What are the Benefits of Electronic Preset Counters in Manufacturing?

An electronic preset counter is a type of electronic counter that is capable of switching to an external circuit when a preset count value is reached. Oftentimes, an electronic preset counter is used in manufacturing to control batch size, cut material to length, or punch/drill product.

Veeder-Root electronic preset counter products offer many benefits well suited to manufacturing processes:

  • Long life
  • Comparably priced
  • Feature-rich (digital readouts, capable of automation)
  • Easy installation

An electronic preset counter's high speed and ability to work with many types of sensors makes it the ideal choice for many applications including length-cutting and gas/liquid flow applications. Veeder-Root also offers a line of programmable electronic preset counter products for complex applications that require bidirectional counting, output logic operations, or input calibrators. This type of electronic preset counter can often replace two or more other simpler counters.

Electronic Preset counters, as the name implies, offer the user the capability of storing or setting a preset value, which coinciding with the process value or count, will provide some means of output, switching, or indicating function. Preset counters may also be referred to as predetermining counters, and evolved from the necessity of being able to control or to be notified when a certain number of counted events had accumulated.

Preset counters may have one, two, three, or more presets with varying degrees of count control capability. A single preset of course is just that, offering a basic count-up-to-a-preset or count-down-to-zero function with the associated control element such as a switch, electromechanical relay, or solid state output. A dual preset counter offers two levels of preset values, which are typically used in applications where it is desired to have one output function when the first preset is reached and then the second output function when the second preset value is reached.

Present day single preset, dual preset and batch type preset counters are almost exclusively electronic, due to the many programming options available and high count speeds attainable. Preset counters offer a high degree of count control in a myriad of applications around the world in a small, relatively easy to use package.

One of the most popular Eagle Signal Electronic Preset Counters is the MaxCount

Count on Eagle Signal for all of your preset counter applications!