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Selecting the Correct Operating Lever for your Application

by Ed Kenny | Nov 10, 2016

Operating levers are the last item people consider when they select a limit switch. However, they are integral to any installation and necessary for proper operation of your limit switch. This article focuses on what to consider when selecting your operating lever.

First, you must select an operating lever for limit switches that you have chosen. Is is very important that the operating lever you select does fit your limit switch. It must match the size of the switch operating shaft and the shape must not have any physical interference with the switch body. Second, you must select one of the proper length, with the proper diameter roller. You just need to make sure it reaches the tripping mechanism. The tripping mechanism should impact the roller on the lever (not the bar) and the lever should be long enough to allow the switch to be pushed to the recommended trip point. And finally, you must select the proper lever materials. For example, in a corrosive or wet environment, you would want non-corrosive materials or, in a high temperature environment, you’d want to make sure to avoid things like plastic rollers.

There are many different types of operating levers. Each type is designed to work with NAMCO SNAP-LOCK® limit switches. However, the EL010-53420 (D1260) lever constructed of steel with a nylon roller and a stainless steel rollerpin is considered standard for the majority of NAMCO SNAP-LOCK® limit switch installations. Like all snap-lock levers, the serrated mounting hole matches the serrated lever shaft of the switches to provide fixed adjustment of the lever in 7.5° increments.

That being said, the standard operating lever may not meet your needs. So how do you select the right operating lever for you application? Select the operating lever for your application with regards to dimensions and materials required. Depending upon your application, levers are available in cold rolled steel, stainless steel, or bronze. Rollers are available in steel, nylon, Bryl. Cop., stainless steel or steel ball bearings.

For more information, check out our operating levers in our catalog.

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