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What is a plastic bearing?

by Ed Kenny | Aug 15, 2016

Plastic bearings are used in many applications where there is a need for rotational and linear output shafts to reduce wear and friction. Other common uses include bolt linkages to reduced vibration and noise as well as high speed applications requiring a reduction in wear and friction. Such applications can be found in automotive, marine, lawn & garden and office equipment manufacturing. Thomson Nyliners provide a lower cost alternative to metal bearings.

Thomson Plastic Bearings are constructed of Thomson Engineered Polymers (TEPs). The base polymer is structured to accommodate fibers/fillers/lubricants to increase material performance and reduce friction. We incorporate fibers and filler materials to the base polymer to reinforce, strengthen and stabilize the plastic bearing resulting in a much higher radial and thrust Load Capability

In addition, we add Solid Lubricants to drive lower the Coefficient of Friction. Microscopic lubrication particles become part of the polymer in millions of tiny microscopic chambers. It’s from these chambers the polymer continually releases tiny amounts of lubricant during movement when small amounts of friction & low heat are generated. The polymer continues to migrate to the surface of the part offering continuous lubrication eliminating the need for secondary oiling or greasing processes.

What differentiates Thomson from other injection molding companies is our polymer application and material selection expertise in metal replacement conversions and wear/friction reduction solutions. We consult with design engineers to find the best solution for the application.

Thomson Nyliners is a custom injection molder of precision tolerance wear/friction solutions. Also we offer a standard off-the-shelf Nyliner Bearing Product line utilizing our proprietary low friction, high compressive strength Thomson Engineered Polymers (TEPs).