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Thomson Engineered Polymers Eliminate Extra Processes

by User Not Found | May 23, 2018

We receive many questions about our Thomson Engineered Polymers (TEP). The beauty of this material is that it eliminates the need for grease or a secondary oiling process. TEP’s are a resin impregnated by lubrication. The material used in nyliners is as important as the design itself. Our TEP’s are tough, resilient, water-resistant plastics. They provide customers with low coefficient of friction without secondary lubrication. TEP's perform in rotational speed applications. The shaft or pivot linkage creates low friction and heat which enables tiny chambers of lubrication to burst. This enables the built-in lubrication to flow within the material. Thomson offers superior performance advantages including:

• Low Cost

• Long Service Life / Low Maintenance

• Low Friction / High Performance

• No Lubrication Needed

• Smooth, Quiet Operation

• Hundreds of Materials to Meet Your Requirements