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Small Places Need Small Counters

by Ed Kenny | Aug 15, 2016

Small Square CaseThis counter is a mechanical totalizer designed to provide smooth operation while maintaining the sompact, lightweight footprint. So if you are in need of a counter for tight areas, you need to read more about the Veeder-Root Small Square Case Counter.

This mechanical counter is perfect for electrical power switchgear, vending machines, broadcast tuners and turnstiles. It also is successfully being used as injection molding. This totalizer is built for any application that needs preventative maintainence on the basis of a repetitive action or cycling. And its size makes it optimal for users with space constraints that need a reliable mechanical counter with no power source required.

As shown in the video there are many different types of drives and actuations. Each drive and actuation differs in drive ratios, rotations, mounting style and count speeds.. The different drives available in this counter are direct drive (shown in video), revolution drive (shown in video), ratchet drive (shown in video) and rotary ratchet drive.

There are various mounting styles as these features will facilitate installation in a broad array of applications. The mounting styles shown in the video are front panel, base and side lug. Its miniature size can be stealthily designed into equipment, with only the readout window exposed as needed. As one of the most widely used counting devices in the world, the Small Square Case Counter is the ideal combination of quality, precision construction, and economical cost will ensure a successful outcome for your application.