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7 Considerations When Selecting a Totalizer

by Ed Kenny | Jan 10, 2017
A totalizer is a counter that sums the “total” number of cycles applied to its input. Many applications require only additive counting, but we also offer electronic totalizers with bidirectional (add and subtract) capability for specialized application.

The top 7 considerations when selecting a totalizing counter for your application are:

  1. Technology
    Mechanical, Electromechanical, Electronic
  2. Input
    What is to be counted and from where will the counter’s input be obtained?
  3. Count Speed
    Speed ratings vary. Check Specifications
  4. Number of Digits
    Based on Maximum Count Value
  5. Type and Size of Display
    Should accommodate operating environment’s viewing and lighting conditions
  6. Packaging
    Mounting requirements and Enclosure Size
  7. Environmental
    Temperature Specification
All of our totalizers provide a convenient push-button and remote signal input for resetting to zero. Some models provide a means to disable the reset function when security of totals is an application consideration.

Learn more about our totalizers in the Eagle Signal & Veeder-Root Product Catalog.

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