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Hubodometers Are The Solution You've Been Searching For

by User Not Found | Jun 06, 2018

Most likely, preventative maintenance is not a new concept for most people. Many things in our lives need a preventative maintenance routine. For example, vehicles, heating and air conditioning systems, and even the human body! Utility trailers also need preventative maintenance on a regular basis.

Utility trailers can be very diverse in size, features, and applications. Some trailers are for recreation and some for business. You understand the need for reliability, safety and minimal repairs if you are in a business that depends on trailers. Hubodometers are key in knowing when a utility trailer is due for routine preventative maintenance.

A hubodometer is a device that mounts to the axle of the trailer and measures distance traveled. Each rotation of the wheel counts towards the total trip measurement. It records every revolution in either direction. The hubodometer helps and maintenance service providers keep an accurate schedule.

The hubodometer is designed with a counterbalance to prevent orbiting. Without this feature, the hubodometer can stop measurement or undercount the distance. Counterbalance ensures accurate counts at high speeds or on rough terrain. Hubodometers allow the operator/owner to replace bloated inventory with one standard unit for all tire sizes. They attach to any vehicle with any tire size, with no electronics and is simple to use.

Digital electronic circuitry allows rapid and easy configuration anywhere. There is no need for a specialized programming instrument. It’s large, high-contrast display always remains in an upright position. This provides easy, reliable and accurate data. Separate trip and lifetime totals permit specialized record keeping methods. Setup features even include capturing data as miles or kilometers. Most hubodometers come with a 5-year warranty and no mileage limitations.

Some security features include serial number viewing via the display as well as tamperproof setup scheme. There is usually only one moving part for increased reliability. Changes to the unit’s setup can be disabled to prevent tampering.

Preventative maintenance will become a routine task when you install hubodometers to your utility trailer. Among other benefits, preventative maintenance ensures security and reliability in the trailers operation. Along with lower costs in the long run by avoiding major repairs.