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Save Time and Money Down the Road

by User Not Found | Jun 19, 2018

Whether you use utility trailers is for work or pleasure, they depend on preventative maintenance. This is the key to a long lasting, smooth rolling, sturdy piece of equipment. Always be sure your trailer stays ready to go for whenever duty calls. Preventative maintenance routines include inspecting the wire harnesses, LED lights, trailer connection, tires and wiring. This will make a difference in time and money you spend on major repairs.

At this point, you are probably wondering, “How do I know how often my trailer requires preventative maintenance?”. Some manuals will suggest preventative maintenance after a specific number of miles. Other factors include the trailers condition, age, annual mileage, and degradation. Also, there will be times when extra inspections are necessary. For example, when the utility trailer is doing heavier work than usual.

Either way, tracking the trailer’s mileage is essential in keeping a regular maintenance routine. Some may think that it is okay to base the maintenance program on weeks, months, or even years. The issue with that is you may use the trailer more often in some parts of the year than you do others. Thus, the wear and tear will be much more noticeable between maintenance.

Whether it is every 3,000 miles or 12,000 miles, have a clear and accurate understanding of your trailer’s mileage. Then, stick to a regular preventative maintenance schedule. This will give you the opportunity to catch minor issues before they become major. You will thank yourself down the road.