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5 Reasons to Choose Eagle Signal for Time Control

by User Not Found | Jul 03, 2018

Do you need a solution for timing control applications? Eagle Signal has what you are looking for in the TF Hand Set Timer series and the HP699 Reset Timer series.  These electromechanical timers feature easy set up and run smooth and accurate out of the box. Read the points below to learn more benefits of Eagle Signal timers.

  • Easy to use

    No codes, no programming, no problem! The TF Series and the HP699 Series operate by turning the knob shaft clockwise to set time and rotates counterclockwise during timing for cycle progress signal. Setting these timers are a breeze. The HP699 Series is capable of 0-20-minute timing, while the TF Series can accommodate 0-15 minute or 0-60-minute timing depending on the model.

  • Easy to Install, Connect and Design In

    Both timer series have 115and 230 VAC 60 Hz models available. The TF Series are suitable for 50 or 60 Hz operation.

  • Rugged and Reliable

    The TF Series and HP699 Series are immune to voltage variations and transient spikes, thus offering a long life dependable solution even in this age of high tech electronic devices. The TF Series has heavy duty, snap action contacts and buzzers that operate until the knob shaft switches to the "off" position. The HP699 Series has a vast design with a toggle switch for start/stop/reset. The HP699 Series is also resistant to cleaning/degreasing agents.

  • Customization

    Being customizable is great when it comes to your business and your brand. The TF Series allows for an OEM to integrate their own brand through custom knobs and dial graphics. The TF Series does all the timing behind the scenes. The HP699 Series allows for custom knobs to incorporate the OEM brand.

  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
    Both timer series are manufactured in the Elizabethtown, North Carolina. Electromechanical timers operate in various timing modes, including on-delay, off-delay, and interval sequences. For users such as machine operators, short order cooks, or process technicians, ease of use is an important consideration. That is why electromechanical timers are the best fit for various applications. No codes, no programming, no problem! Learn more about these timer series by downloading their catalog sheets.